Tote Bag (Drops-blue)

Tote Bag (Drops-blue)

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Foldable shoulder bag with internal pockets.

Discover Kivibag's foldable shoulder bag, the perfect companion for your everyday life. This handy and stylish bag will not only be a fun addition to your wardrobe, but will also be extremely versatile to use.

Because of its size, it's also perfect for everyday shopping or going to the beach. Inside the shoulder bag is a handy pocket, ideal for storing small items. Keys, wallet or phone - all your essentials can be easily stored in this pocket to keep them close at hand.

The bag is designed to fold easily into its own pocket, so it takes up minimal space in your bag or backpack when you don't need it.

The Kivibag foldable shoulder bag is stylish with its fun colourful patterns, you can choose from a variety of designs to express your individual style and add fun to your everyday life.

Material: OEKO-TEX, waterrepellent Polyester 

Size: 39 cm x 42 cm (base 7 cm)

OEKO-TEX Standard 100



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